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The voice of my thoughts in my lonely teenage room.

No shit? No shit.

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26 March 1974
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"I'm thinkin' 'bout-a this whole world!"
abba, abraham benrubi, ace frehley solo album, alice cooper, alphataurus, alterna-bears, beach boys, bear porn, bears, blind guardian, blue oyster cult, bryn terfel, camel, candlemass, carcass, cathedral, celtic frost, cher, circle jerks, cliff @ ihop, coven, crypto homo rockers, david bowie, david cassidy, dio, disneyland, dragonforce, early man, elp, elvis, emperor, everly bros, faces, fender bassman, fluf, france gall, francois hardy, frank zappa, frankenhooker, gbv, genesis, gg & the jabbers, gibson firebirds, gibson flying v, gibson sg, gorgoroth, gov't mule, grateful dead, hawkwind, heavy metal homos, heavy prog, hellhammer, helloween, high on fire, horslips, hoyt axton, iron maiden, italian prog, james gandolfini, jeff lynne, john goodman, judas priest, karp, kraftwerk, le orme, leonard cohen, love, manilow, marshall amps, martin birch's black sabbath, marty robbins, melvins, mercyful fate, metal church, monkees, morbid angel, mott the hoople, neil diamond, neil young, om, opeth, orange amps, os mutantes, overwhelming colorfast, partridge family, paul revere & raiders, pentagram, phase shifters, phil spector, pink lady, pulp, rainbow, rhapsody, roxy music, rush, sandra bernhard, serge gainsbourg, showgirls, slade, speedo bears, star efing., stones, sweet, telecasters, the dickies, the mellotron, the move, the nuns, the obsessed, the raspberries, the turtles, thin lizzy, todd rundgren's utopia, turbonegro, ufo, uriah heep, van der graaf generator, van morrison, vanessa huxtable, voivod, zombies

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