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Headin' for an overload



The morning started out with me auditioning outfits for tonight's show.

Auditioning outfits for tonight. #TheStones

The day continued with Danny and I getting our ears and noses waxed like we do every month. We both know that's a silly, white girl thing to do but it's fun thing that we like to do as a couple. After that we went to the big boy store to get Danny a new outfit for my friend's wedding on Sunday. I love going clothes shopping with Danny. I love watching him try on new pants. I love saying, "Turn around. Let me see how your ass looks in those."

Then we went across the street to the mall for lunch and to the Nordstrom's cosmetics counter to stock up on Chanel face cream for him and Kheil's face scrub for me. After that we stole a bunch of shit from the See's Candies store. We also needed cleaning supplies so we went to Target. WE got what we needed but I forgot spray starch for my shirts. DAMN!

We got home and I took a nap. I got up an hour later and tried on shirts. I was going to wear my Phil Spector shirt but at the very last minute I changed into my TARKUS t shirt. I grabbed some quarters for the bus and boogied on down to Anaheim.

I am SOFA KING excited to be seeing the Stones. YES they are all a bunch of capitalist pigs but I will always have a deep love for this band.

I got off the bus at Katella Ave by Disneyland and walked about a mile up to the Honda Center. The first thing I see when I got to the arena were the Jesus Freaks. They were in full force.

FUCK YEAH! I made the list!!!!
Poor schitzos.

I met up with my friend Dean outside. I've only met him one other time before so it was really cool hanging out with him a bit and getting to know him a little better. Groovy cat.

Rolling Stones @ The Honda Center 5/18/13

I got in and there were long lines at the merchandise stands. $45 a t shirt? FUCK YOU MICK!! I've gotten better Rolling Stones t shirts at Target for $8!

I got to my seat and DAMN! these are good! Not great but still really good! I'm already knocked out by the stage.
Rolling Stones @ The Honda Center 5/18/13

I sat down and did my yoga breathing. I people watched for about a half hour. The crowd was made up mostly of DADDIES! Some gross but many of them were these wicked hot Orange County (probably) straight daddy bears!! I'm in the expensive seats so these daddies probably have jobs!!! I was hoping to see if any of them were on Growlr. The ones that were weren't cute.

840PM rolled around and the house lights finally went down. I immediately stood up and yelled!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!! WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOAOOOOOOUUUUUWWWWWW!!! OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!



Get Off of My Cloud

Singing and dancing my ass off!

Rolling Stones @ The Honda Center 5/18/13

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
I mimed this song. Especially to the part that goes, "If I could stick a knife in my heart - a suicide right on stage...."

Paint It Black
I raised my fists in the air and let out a big YEAHHHH!!!

Gimme Shelter
So far Mick is amazing. His voice is on point and I'm freaking out seeing those familiar "Mick moves" live. Keef on the other hand seemed very off. I mean he still kept it together but he looked almost uninterested at times. Ron Wood was awesome! Every time I focused my attention on him I just kept thinking about The Faces!! Charlie Watts was just simply incredible to watch live.

I'm also knocked out but the guitars that Keith and Ron played. Keith played the most amazing TV Yellow Les Paul Jr. It's probably a late 50's era model and not a reissue!!

You Got Me Rocking
Wild Horses

The highlight of the night for me. I kept thinking about Gram Parsons and I wept.

(with Dave Grohl)

What the fuck is he doing here? I thought he hated Keith Richards. He said, "FUCK KEITH RICHARDS" in the Lemmy documentary and accused him of being all "ROCK STAR". Uh, Dave? In the last year alone you have become the new Jon Bon Jovi. I used to tolerate you but fuck you!

This was highlight #2 for me. I sung along and shook my ass like a madman.

Doom and Gloom
One More Shot
Honky Tonk Women

You Got the Silver

I actually like this song from their last album "A Bigger Bang". Keith sang lead. I love Keith's voice and I think he was "all there" for this one.

Keith sang lead but he didn't sing the chorus' for this one. I, however sang along.

Midnight Rambler
(with Mick Taylor) It was amazing seeing Mick Taylor live. Each period of the Stones is sacred to me but the early 70's Taylor era has a special place in my heart for me. Seeing him perform with the Stones is something that I thought I'd never see. Hearing those familiar guitar licks was out of this world. I just really wish he was on stage for the entire show and I wish they played deeper cuts from "Exile".

Miss You
Start Me Up

I love those songs!!!

Rolling Stones @ The Honda Center 5/18/13

Tumbling Dice
I lost my shit!

Brown Sugar
Sympathy for the Devil

Mick put on this floor length feathered coat. I stared laughing because he looked like Phyllis Diller!

You Can't Always Get What You Want
(with the USC Thornton Chamber Singers)

I loved shouting "JIMMAY!!!"

Jumpin' Jack Flash
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

I left in the middled of Satisfaction because that song is still played out and I wanted to catch the 1138pm bus back home.

I ran out of there to avoid getting run over.

Amazing show! My voice is still shot from singing and shouting and my feet still hurt because I grooved all night. Even with a 'checked out" Keef it was still an wonderful show. Stones gigs are truly an event. This was like going to church. That being said there were not real surprises in the set list. I really wish they would have done more Brian Jones era tunes or :

Torn & Frayed
Loving Cup
Let it Loose
Factory Girl

I ran a mile down Katella so I could catch the bus only to wait an hour for it to get there!! That sucked but it was still worth it. I'm sending my aunt a gift basket for getting me these tickets!!



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May. 20th, 2013 01:22 pm (UTC)
I like Dean. For the longest time, like years before I actually met him, I knew of him through a few audiophile message boards. And then when I added him on Instagram and saw his username there, I put 2 and 2 together, and realized he was the same dude I'd seen online for years. Yeah, he's a cool dude.
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